As a piano / keyboard composer, Jonathan has enjoyed playing since age 13.  Projects include compositions for Turner Sports and Development in Atlanta, Black Labs web design in New York, and independent short films in Los Angeles. Select samples below.

This piece written for a corporate video depicting the manufacture of specific containers coupled with the company's mission statement.

Imagine flying over a calm moonlit ocean at night, very close to the water's surface, as dolphins frolic and add to the sound scape.

Inspired by 9|11, we follow 4 ill-fated planes, each represented by 1 voice in a 4-part harmonious yet dissonant eeriness, amid turmoil, both ethereal and haunting.

This minimalistic piece inspired by reflections from atop a mountain or from space, while appreciating Earth's beauty far below.

From a 48 Hour film festival project of the same name, this song underscores the main character's realization, that in the end, their hand in life isn't so bad after all.

This piece orchestrated to provide a relaxing retreat, a minimalistic backdrop for any number of scenarios.

Inspired by an overhead view of the bustling financial district of Manhattan, thousands of people are seen working and walking to and from their destinations.