Jonathan's voice can be heard in numerous projects. Videos are divided into categories. Click on and enjoy.


Audition for the animated feature "Kaptara"

An inside look at the use and creation of vocal effects for the "Shadow Lurkers"



Jonathan uses an epic adventure style VO for this Nintendo campaign

Telling the story in this international TV spot for the 'Got Milk?' campaign

Jon portrays the obnoxious kiosk in this ad for Southwest

Part of a mock ad campaign for a Ratchet & Clank video game taking place 'in the future'

Jon offers his powerful whisper as the voice of Poseidon in this commercial


Jonathan performs the wolf voices in this episode of We Bare Bears

Jonathan performs the voice for Bob Barker

Jon stars as Mr. Polecat in this Leap Frog animated feature

Jonathan performs the voice for Sheriff Woody

Jon stars as Mr. Atcheson in this episode of ReVisioned Tomb Raider

Jonathan performs the voice of FireLeo


A compilation of live action film, animation, and video game clips featuring Jon's creature voices

Jon voices the lead character Theseus as well as Asterion the monstrous minotaur in 'Kaptara'

Jon provides creature voices for the hand-biting 'Little People'

Jonathan provides creature vocal effects as the 'Shadow Lurkers'


Jonathan narrated this show for Fuel TV about skateboard culture in the United Arab Emirates

Jonathan narrated this video for Phoenix East Aviation

Jonathan narrated this World War II documentary feature

Jonathan narrated this video commemorating the Milken Archive